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Why Elevation Physiotherapy?

At Elevation Physiotherapy, we believe that an empowered patient is a successful patient. Our passion is to inspire a community to be relentless in their pursuit of solutions to challenging health issues. As such, we work one-on-one with patients to enable them to manage and overcome their injuries and condition. We are proud to offer a variety of services to address a variety of conditions. We are physiotherapists with advanced post-graduate diplomas in manual therapy and post-graduate training in diagnostic imaging, concussion and vestibular rehabilitation, sports performance, jaw problems, gait analysis and IMS/dry needling.

Are you in pain? One in four Canadians struggle with chronic pain every day. Our physiotherapists have specialties in chronic pain management through their many years of working alongside Physiatrists (specialist physicians in rehabilitation and physical medicine) who specialize in interventional procedures or injection therapies. As such, we are able to address the most complex and challenging chronic pain conditions through research based treatments and pain science. As such, we are service providers for multiple chronic pain specialists in Edmonton.

Are you dizzy? We have been treating vestibular and concussion conditions for years and we are a service provider for the University of Alberta Hospital Emergency Department.

Are you an athlete? Our staff are incredibly active people and are passionate about sports performance themselves. From training to performance to recovery, let us help you apply the science for your next game, competition or race.

Do you have jaw problems? Have you been in a car accident? Are you struggling with a persistent condition which no one else has been able to solve? Have you had a recent fracture or surgery? Well, I think you get the point….

Here at Elevation Physiotherapy, our physiotherapists and massage therapists will collaborate together for the betterment of our patients. You will benefit from our collective skill sets, knowledge, specialties, passion and energy. It will be like 10 hands and 5 minds all working for you. Together, we want to change the world…one patient at a time.

Rise Above!  Elevation Awaits!

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Please call us directly at (780) 250-1430, or email us at admin@elevationphysio.ca.

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