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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

In addition to runners, we love working with athletes from the competitive to the weekend warriors. Whether you are recovering from an injury or attempting to improve your athletic performance, our therapists can equip and empower you to achieve your goals. Having competed nationally, both Albert Chan (badminton) and Karen Chan (tennis) understand the demands of competitive sports. And both are currently involved in the Rabbit Hill Ski Race Program with their children.

“As a runner, so many of my problems are complex. With Albert, I feel confident that my concerns are heard and that he works at getting to the root of the problem, rather than just focusing on my symptoms. Albert works with me to come up with a treatment plan that coincides with my training schedule and he ensures that I understand the exercises and how they help to reduce pain and build strength. I leave each session with a plan to treat the issue as well as tools to stay strong and healthy. Since working with Albert, I’ve been able to run the most consistent mileage ever.” – Alecia K. (36:31 10km Runner)


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